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Sliding S-80 uPVC Windows & Doors

The ObenTek S-80 Sliding uPVC Profile Systems offer a balanced combination of functionality, design versatility, and cost-effectiveness. These systems are specifically designed to accommodate various functionalities and can easily fit into sleek apertures, making them suitable for spaces with limited room.
The ObenTek S-80 Sliding uPVC Windows are particularly well-suited for sleek apertures in guest rooms, and servant quarters, as well as larger areas such as corridors, walkways, and stairs. They are specifically designed to optimize space utilization in situations where there is limited opening space both inside and outside, while still providing ample width for a pleasing aesthetic.
In terms of wind load resistance, the ObenTek S-80 sliders are engineered to meet specific criteria. With regular reinforcements, a window size of 1500 × 1500 mm can withstand wind loads ranging from 1500-2000 Pascal, while adhering to deflection limits defined by various Indian and international standards. Furthermore, the strength of these windows can be further enhanced by utilizing wind load resistance booster profiles.

One notable highlight of the ObenTek S-80 series is its capability to accommodate 4 track sliders, as well as multiple sliders with more than 4-tracks, allowing for larger window configurations with widths exceeding 3000 mm. This flexibility in design makes the series a versatile choice for a variety of architectural requirements.


  • The ObenTek S-80 Profiles can be customized to accommodate a 4 track or even multiple sliders with more than 4 tracks.
  • These profiles are designed with a focus on striking a balance between functionality and simplicity.
  • The uniform aesthetics of the ObenTek S-80 Profiles make it easy to seamlessly integrate any type of glass.

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