Why Ikonish

Why Ikonish

There are end numbers of reasons to choose premium quality IKONISH uPVC profiles.
IKONISH uPVC profiles have a style to match every single need of yours. Not only this, our uPVC profiles for windows and doors come with incomparable benefits.

Wide Design Options

  1. You can make more than 500 Windows, Doors & Partition designs with IKONISH uPVC profiles.
  2. A premium uPVC windows and doors for every room.
  3. European Standard.
  4. Variety of shapes, sizes & colours

Premium uPVC Profile for Windows, Doors and Partitions

IKONISH uPVC profiles are made as per standard design for customer's requirement. Our uPVC profile windows, doors and partitions can be made in various designs. These include Casement Window, Sliding Window, Combination Window, French Door, Balcony Door, Ventilation design etc. IKONISH uPVC windows have a specific drainage system that prevents rain water from seeping in.

Recyclable uPVC profile

Environment friendly, energy efficient, fire retardant, recyclable and insulation against dust, pollution, noise, heat are few characteristics of IKONISH uPVC profiles. Which makes it a natural choice when you are seeking green solutions for your home, office, building and villas.

IKONISH profiles for windows and doors are made of uPVC which is an ideal recyclable material. No wastes are generated during profile manufacturing process and even the waste generated, in the form of small cut pieces, during the fabrication process is also reprocessed, thus making it a zero-waste generated “Green Product”.

Maintain Indoor Air-Quality

IKONISH uPVC profile creates excellent sealing and keeps environmental pollutants like sound, dust, insects and smoke out of home. Thereby reducing the harmful health hazards and improves the interior atmosphere quality inside the home.

Fusion Welded Sections

IKONISH profile sections have fusion welded frames, unlike typical wooden or aluminium windows and doors. It improves insulation in your windows and doors. We take great care of even the smallest aspects at IKONISH so that you get the best product.

IKONISH's windows & doors sections have a multi-point locking mechanism that improves overall sealing and increases sound and heat insulation. For added protection, IKONISH offers specific hardware solutions for its casement windows & doors.

uPVC Profile are Tough and Durable

IKONISH uses special additives in manufacturing uPVC profiles. We import the best & finest raw materials available from the UK, US & Japan.

A team of professionals examines and processes it under PLC/SCADA based Auto Weighing & Batching System with consistent quality to ensure the enhanced UV resistance, mechanical properties & Gloss levels are maintained.

The end material is tropical weather resistant and durable due to its high strength, dimensional stability, and weather stability. It will not fade or discolour over time, making it a fantastic investment for your home.

Galvanized Iron Strips Reinforcement

Based on the city, building height, and topography, IKONISH window, door and partitions are designed to withstand tropical climatic conditions. IKONISH uPVC profiles for doors, windows and partitions have galvanized iron strips inside the frames, so it can withstand heavy wind loads upto 1500-2000 pascals. And gives strength which prevents warping and deterioration of the structure while also deflecting the external pressures caused by strong winds and torrential rains.

Modern uPVC Profile Manufacturing Facility

IKONISH does not take any shortcuts. Every IKONISH product is a completely constructed, precision engineered unit that is delivered to the customer in unique packaging with factory-fitted glass, fusion welded connections, and flawlessly connected hardware.

Best manufacturing processes are implemented with the highest level of quality awareness at every stage, from machine selection through tooling, testing equipment, and team development.

Our uPVC extrusion factory is in Jamshedpur with some of the most advanced blending machines, tooling machines, testing equipments, extruders, and downstream equipments and processes in the world.

Best manufacturing processes are implemented with the highest level of quality awareness at every stage, from machine selection through tooling, equipment, and team development.

Natural Resources are Preserved

Around the world, uPVC has replaced wood, aluminium & steel as the most used frame material. The use of uPVC avoids the need for wood & aluminium which helps to save our Mother Earth. It saves our forests & natural resources by eliminating the use of wood & aluminium windows. By avoiding deforestation, we support a great extent in minimizing the global warming too.

Lead Free uPVC Profile - IKONISH

Lead-free has become standard in almost all consumer products because of how hazardous Lead can be. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive is more commonly known as (RoHS) & it came into effect prohibiting the use of lead in consumer products in the EU. Lead is poisonous and it can build up in the body due to many small exposures over the years. Lead can enter your body through your skin, it can also be inhaled or ingested and repeated exposure to this toxic element can lead to serious health issues. Lead is so toxic, that its use can result in pollution of the ground & more importantly of water supplies. This leads to the contamination of drinking water & can cause hazards to human health or any living being and can disrupt the entire ecosystem.

Tested to withstand the Tropical Indian Weather

Rather than importing uPVC Profiles that may or may not be suitable for India's tough tropical climatic conditions. IKONISH windows are manufactured & engineered considering tropical climatic conditions. Prolonged exposure to sun, rain, wind & humidity never affect the quality & durability of our products.

National and International Laboratories Tested IKONISH uPVC Profiles.

IKONISH products have been tested for weather resistance, sound and thermal insulation, tensile strength, and several other parameters by reputable institutes such as Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology (CIPET), SGS & others.

Decade Warranty

IKONISH uPVC profiles are standard designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. All IKONISH profiles come with a standard 10-year profile warranty on colour fastness. IKONISH is committed for the best quality and high durability uPVC profiles, with quality support of the highest standards.

IKONISH Innovation

Today, IKONISH is the benchmark of excellence in uPVC profiles for windows, doors and partitions. Our vision as India's largest uPVC profiles manufacturer brand is built on the strength of our product, quality of material we use and the innovations we bring to the table.

Laminated Colour Profiles

Traditionally, uPVC profiles are available in standard white or off-white colors, limiting the choices for customers who may want a more personalized or visually appealing look for their homes or businesses. With the introduction of color laminated profiles, customers can now select from a wide range of colors and finishes to match their interior or exterior design preferences.

Let us understand the common problem with other frame materials

Wooden Windows & Doors Frame

Wooden window & door frames may be a common choice of people. But they require high maintenance and proper care for long life and durability.
  • Wooden frames are a serious threat to our mother nature.
  • Wooden is a porous material, and it easily become susceptible to foreign elements.
  • Wooden materials are prone to infestation.
  • Wooden materials easily absorb moisture and sunlight which result in expansion and shrinkage.
  • Wood is susceptible to damage & leaks.
  • Wooden windows & doors frames are not waterproof.
  • Wood frames are costlier and require lot of maintenance.
  • Leakage of Indoor Air, Prone to Fire, Seepage of rain water.

Aluminium Windows & Doors Frames.

Aluminium window & door frames are very light & cheap and hence not the best choices for ensuring security of your home.
  • Using aluminium frames for windows & doors are also a serious threat to our precious natural resources, which is depleting every passing day & can be left to be used for more purposeful products.
  • Aluminium extrusion requires almost 4 times more electricity than uPVC extrusion, thus increasing global warming.
  • It is not an energy efficient product.
  • Aluminium frames are not compatible of holding heat, and not good in tropical climates.
  • It requires regular maintenance as the frame structure are very light.
  • Aluminium frames are prone to corrosion especially if you live near coastal environments.
  • Aluminium frames are dust stained easily.
  • More easily prone to rust and good conductor of heat and electricity.

Iron Windows & Doors Frames

Iron window and door frames are not ideal for all climates.
  • Iron window frames are difficult to install when compared to uPVC materials.
  • Iron window frames are inefficient in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Iron windows and doors are not the ideal choice specially for coastal areas.
  • It requires high maintenance as they are highly prone to corrosion.

Choose Wisely Your uPVC Profile Manufacturer

We know the troubles you go through when you want the best uPVC profiles for windows, doors and partitions for your new home or office or retail space. While selecting your uPVC profile manufacturer & supplier, two major points should be considered :

  • 1st the supplier should be a genuine manufacturer & not a trader/ stockiest of any cheap imported uPVC products.
  • 2nd the location of the manufacturer should be at a shortest distance from your required site, as it will reduce your capital cost, transportation cost & most importantly overnight delivery of all your requirements.

Also, there would be suppliers/traders who would offer the cheapest price, but there is nothing called ”Cheap and Best”, as if the product is cheap it cannot be the best one & likewise if the product is best it might not be the cheapest one. There is a definite cost involved in terms of state-of-art-machineries, best raw materials & continuous R&D to provide nothing but the best to our valued customers. IKONISH provides the Best uPVC Profiles at an affordable pricing.

Get a next generation premium uPVC profile

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