ObenTek C-60 Casement Series

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ObenTek Casement uPVC Windows & Doors

The ObenTek C-60 Casement uPVC Profile Systems are designed with dual gasket sealing to effectively minimize dust and noise levels. This feature proves advantageous in situations where both thermal and acoustic performance are crucial. The combination of gasket sealing and a multi-point lock ensures optimal sealing, thermal efficiency, and noise reduction by providing a tight closure without any gaps.

The mullion profiles in the ObenTek C-60 series are reinforced and thicker, guaranteeing sturdiness and resilience against high wind loads. This ensures that the windows maintain their integrity even in adverse weather conditions.

ObenTek C-60 Casement uPVC Windows are well-suited for installation in hallways and bedrooms, especially in areas exposed to busy and noisy streets. They offer the advantage of accommodating larger fixed glass panels, allowing for a greater perspective and maximizing the entry of natural light. These windows are recognized for their premium quality and exceptional wind resistance. The mullions and transoms of the ObenTek C-60 series are reinforced with exterior bars, making them highly capable of withstanding significant wind loads. This feature enables the design and installation of large-scale windows without compromising their wind load resistance and overall performance.


  • Ideal for hallways and bedrooms located on busy and noisy streets, providing a sound proofing solution.
  • Offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance, enhancing comfort and reducing energy consumption.
  • Supports the installation of large fixed glass panels, allowing for enhanced visibility and increased natural light.
  • Features a robust uPVC profile designed to withstand high wind loads, ensuring durability and structural integrity.

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